Each of our practices allows our dentists the benefits of having autonomy to make decisions while having access to proven systems and support infrastructure. We aspire to help our dentists reap the rewards of ownership without the headaches of going it alone. What does this mean in reality?

  • Clinical decisions: you are the ‘quarterback’ and in charge of all patient care decisions. This includes when to provide pro bono care to patients at your discretion, what treatment you’d like to do versus refer out, and so forth.
  • Lab work: You choose what lab work you’d like to use for any case. We’ll help negotiate favorable pricing for multiple labs but you’re free to pick and choose your lab of choice for any patient case.
  • Specialty services: Able to perform any specialty procedures you feel comfortable performing including placing implants, clear aligners (orthodontics), and endodontics. We trust our dentists make the right decisions on what they can competently and what to refer to our specialists. We encourage you to ask any of our dentists.
  • Practice leader: Provide you the tools and coaching to be the leader of the practice including hiring and promotion decisions. Enable you to help coach and lead others to provide the highest patient care possible.