Customer Satisfaction

Learn state of the art patient experience systems upheld and relevant for the entire dental team. Receive training and exposure to distinctive patient experience practices on par with companies ranging from Disney, Nordstroms, and the Ritz. Based upon over 4,000 data points, Peak Dental Services® supported practices have received an 80.2 Net Promoter Score (highest Fortune 500 company scores in 2015 was USAA at 80.0) and over 97.0% customer satisfaction scores. Receive coaching and training on how we measure the patient experience via digital surveys, social media, and real life monthly mystery shoppers at each location.

Receiving Award

Receiving BBB Excellence in Customer Service Award

As part of our DPE program the Better Business Bureau has selected two of our offices 3 years in a row for the their Excellence In Customer Service Award. The BBB Excellence in Customer Service Award is designed to recognize superior customer service. Earning the award requires submitting a 50-page application, independent evaluation from local business executives, and an onsite visit by multiple evaluators to investigate our processes via interviewing key leaders and staff members. Recipients of the award are based not just on delivering positive customer service but also having systems in place to address customer service issues when they occasionally arise.