Dentist Led Creation of the Peak Standards
Dentist Led Creation of the Peak Standards

In support of Peak’s #1 core value of being “dentist-led, patient-centric”, we created 7 organizational initiatives led by our dentists, intended to give them a leading role in defining goals and improving processes throughout all areas of the company. This framework sets Peak apart from others in the industry by truly allowing our dentists to have a stake in the company’s future beyond the day-to-day of practice leadership.

Professional Development Pathways

AGD PACE certified committee of dentists build the continuing education vision that meets the highest quality and ethical standards for all new and tenured dentists.

  • Who:
    • Leader: Chairwoman/Chairman. Leader reports to CEO via quarterly meetings.
    • Committee/Team: 4 Dentist Committee Member, 1 OM, & 1 HR
    • Term: 1 year; renewable for upwards of 4 years
    • Selection Process: Select committee members every July; occasionally room to add to committee intra-year pending circumstances; interested dentists feel free to reach out to Chairwoman/Chairman.
  • When: Meets face-to-face quarterly with offsetting monthly calls.
  • How: Uses AGD PACE operations manual on how to properly govern themselves.

Advanced Clinical Training Coach

Experienced dentists onboard new dentists, conduct quality & compliance chart reviews, and coach other dentists to achieve their goals.

  • Who:
    • Leader: Clinical Director. Leader reports to CEO.
    • ACT Coaches (1 per 7 to 12 offices)
    • Term: 1 year; renewable indefinitely
    • Selection Process: Select ACT Coaches as business scales to ensure there is at least one ACT Coach per 7 to 12 offices. Preference given to dentists actively implementing elements of CE90 & HE120. Interested dentists to apply via contacting Clinical Director & CEO. A new ACT Coaching position is anticipated to be added every 6 months at the current pace of growth.
  • When: Completes 1-2 dentist coaching assessments per month.
  • How: Spends half day per provider completing ACT assessment guide and sharing results with dentist over lunch with a 30-day follow up.

Peak Teaching Faculty

Faculty of dentists teach CE.

  • Who: Any specialist or dentist with strong content & experience to teach other aspiring providers improve. Faculty report to the PDP committee.
  • When: Depending on the benefits of content, some faculty may be invited to teach monthly whereas other educational programs may be episodic.
  • Selection Process: Submit course materials to PDP to receive AGD PACE approval. Typically, CE would range from 1 to 8 hours of content. Suggest discussing outline and benefits of the CE with PDP committee prior to fully developing the course content.

Supply & Lab Committee

Committee of dentists oversee supply & lab decisions to ensure they meet the highest standards of care.

  • Who:
    • Equipment & Supply Manager orchestrates meetings and reports to Clinical Director.
    • Committee/Team: 4 Dentist Committee Member and Supply & Equipment Manager
    • Term: 1 year; renewable for upwards of 4 years
    • Selection Process: All interested dentists to reach out to Equipment & Supply Manager or Clinical Director.
  • When: Meets face-to-face quarterly.
  • How: Invests time testing new materials & labs and pursuing the best “value” based decisions.

Peer Review & Case Collaboration

Committee of dentists lead virtual and face-to-face study clubs to advance dentist learning. Also includes key clinical leaders appointed to investigate any provider quality & compliance concerns.

  • Who:
    • Face-to-face study clubs & virtual collaboration (WhatsApp): Crowd-sourced collaboration whereby all providers are invited to join & actively participate to help each other out.
    • Quality & Compliance Investigations: suite of key clinical leaders whom will mobilize to investigate any provider quality & compliance concerns.
  • When: Involve when there is any clinical concern, which should be routed to the CEO, Clinical Director, or Surgical Clinical Director immediately.
  • Selection Process: Invited on a case-by-case basis based upon depth and breadth of experience in any particular clinical discipline.

Technology & Equipment Review Board

Committee of dentists establish our technology and equipment vision.

  • Who:
    • Administrator: Equipment & Supply Manager orchestrates meeting and reports to Clinical Directors.
    • Committee/Team: 4 Dentist Committee Members and Supply & Equipment Manager
    • Term: 1 year; renewable for upwards of 4 years
  • When: Meets face-to-face semi-annually.
  • How: Reviews equipment to make the best “quality” and “value” based decisions to provide excellent patient care. Helps build business cases to support the funding and ultimate roll out of new technology and equipment.

Staff Review Process

Dentists oversee their staff hiring & review processes.

  • Who: Includes all dentists, regardless of tenure.
  • When: Oversee review process of key dental personnel on a quarterly basis.
  • How: Fill out review guides, make compensation recommendations, assist with interviewing, and help make final hiring decisions for their office.