colorado bizEach year, ColoradoBiz Magazine features the top CEOs in the state. This year, A.J. Peak, CEO of Peak Dental Services®, was selected as a finalist and featured in the November/December issue.

A.J. was recognized with 19 other Colorado CEOs who were selected for their professional achievements and community impact. The editorial team at ColoradoBiz looks for individuals “who display uncommon resourcefulness, tenacity, determination, and originality as leaders.”

Read the feature below:

Ask A.J. Peak about his success, and he’ll talk about his people: a world-class management team with experience across the health-care industry that he ensures are happy, challenged and fulfilled. The rest is old-fashioned elbow grease — hard work, long days and viewing the business as a marathon rather than a sprint — all of which have translated into 45 percent year-over-year growth.

CEO of Year Badge“The biggest factor that sets A.J. apart from other leaders is the fact that he cares about his employees, and for that reason they are loyal to Peak and do everything they can to make this business better,” says Peak Marketing Director Abby Zinman. “He definitely pushes us hard, but he also makes sure each and every person knows they are valuable to this company, appreciated, and that he recognizes our contributions. This definitely trickles down to patients, because happy employees create a happy office environment.”

Peak gives back by ensuring the practices work with local vendors, helping those companies to grow along with his own. The company also holds regular company volunteer events with local nonprofits.

Read the full issue of ColoradoBiz. Be sure to turn to page 26 to see A.J. featured!