Data-driven Marketing

Data-driven Marketing


Our Peak Dental Services® marketing team uses data-driven strategy to ensure that your practice is featured wherever patients are looking for you, whether through digital tactics like search and social media, or offline such as direct mail, local advertising, and referrals. Our marketing plans are optimized for each practice based on a variety of factors, such as A/B testing and creative elements to determine which style of marketing your audience responds to best. Additionally, each piece of marketing is individually tracked in real time, which allows us to quickly shift budget to tactics that are most effectively bringing in new patients. This analytics process has allowed us to routinely decrease the average acquisition cost per new patient while simultaneously increasing new patients counts. Whether we’re working with a brand new practice or a well-established one, our data-driven approach to marketing is like a dentist using a 3D cone beam to perform a guided dental implant surgery.


Call Center

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a patient opportunity because the office manager was busy helping a patient checkout. Peak Dental Services®’ professionally-trained call center staff handles overflow and off-hours calls for our practices six days a week, so someone is always available to schedule appointments and answer patient questions. Additionally, every call that comes in to our offices is recorded and listened to for quality, coaching, and mentoring opportunities. In fact, we even measure the individual schedule rate of everyone who answers our phones, enabling us to provide valuable coaching to struggling team members. We also consistently measure answer rate and other call metrics, with a goal of having a 3% or less unanswered rate. This frees up in-office staff to focus on patient care and office duties instead of having to man the phones.

Call Center in Action

Call Center in Action

Managing Accounts

Managing Accounts

Revenue Cycle

Insurance & Accounts Receivables Management

You’ve seen the patient, done the work, and now all that’s left is that dreaded last step: all the hassle with payment. We know that billing and collections can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of running a dental office. Good news for you: our systems combined with highly-skilled financial team takes care of everything from insurance verification to managing accounts receivable. By implementing operations best practices from the financial services and healthcare industries, we annually achieve a collection rate greater than 99.5%. We also average less than 2.2 weeks of receivables. Finally, we’ve engineered our systems to re-check patient insurance 48 hours in advance of their appointment to make sure that everything is ready to go before they ever come in the door. From start to finish, we make the payment process simple for both patients and doctors.

Human Resources

Our HR team makes sure that we are getting the right people in the right roles. HR services include finding the right fit between office, role, and employee, assisting with the new hire process and any employment concerns, supporting and explaining benefits and company policy, ensuring all practices and employees are compliant with state and federal healthcare laws, and supporting the annual review systems.


Our expert recruiting team ensures that we are always bringing top quality talent in the door to work in our practices. We are always looking for top-quality dentists, hygienists, assistants, and in-office staff to build – The biggest factor that determines whether a patient will schedule an strong teams at each of our practices.

Insurance Credentialing

Dedicated resources and streamlined system to rapidly credential you with the right insurance plans.


Our payroll team takes care of the tasks related to payroll so you can be sure it is done correctly, including processing payroll, taxes, benefit programs, and government required filings.

IT Support

From setting up phones, computers, and patient systems, our IT team takes care of the behind-the-scenes work before you ever come in the office.

Providing Practice KPIs

Provide our dentist leaders access to a suite of Key Performance Indicator reports to help them make wiser decisions to improve efficiency and patient outcomes.

Managing Supply & Equipment costs

Help with leveraging scale of our operations to receive access to discounted supplies & equipment. Support improved inventory management systems and processes.

Accounts Payables & Bookkeeping

Provide and handle all the tasks associated with optimally paying bills and ensuring proper bookkeeping.