Our History

On the surface, all dental organizations seem to offer the same things: shared support services (call center, marketing, insurance management, payroll), clinical autonomy, and better work-life balance. Of course, we offer those same benefits – but aren’t those things really just table stakes? What you really want to know is what makes us different.

Peak Dental Services® was founded in 2008 by a dentist from small-town Minnesota, Dr. Douglas Peak, and his son A.J. Peak, a Kellogg School of Management MBA and former McKinsey and Company consultant. After a few 14-hour work days, they realized they needed help if the company was going to continue growing successfully. However, they weren’t willing to settle for just anyone; the team behind Peak Dental Services® is comprised of individuals with an exemplary understanding of the dental industry, including recruiting, marketing, finance, customer service, and training.

So, what sets Peak apart? Put simply, our people and our training systems. We have dedicated experts in a wide range of disciplines to support our partner dentists from hiring to billing. Further, we have custom-designed a professional development path with over 125 hours of continuing education for every team member in a dental office. Our commitment to high-quality staff and training enables our dental teams to perform on-par with customer experience titans such as Starbucks, Ritz, and Nordstrom’s, and we believe that both our partner dentists and our patients can see the difference.

Our Mission & Values

Owning and running your own dental practice can be overwhelming. Despite loving your business, there has probably come a time when you’ve wished for a better balance between your work and personal lives. After all, what’s the point of all this work if you never get a moment to step back and enjoy your life?

That’s where Peak Dental Services® comes in. Our business model allows you to enjoy more time off while the practice continues to thrive. You’ll still be the decision maker, except now you’ll also have access to outstanding support and proven management systems. Never again will you feel alone and overwhelmed under the pressure of running your own practice.

Peak Dental Six Core Values:

We relieve some of your stress, while taking your practice to the next level. Our expert staff and perfected management systems will allow the practice to run smoother even while taking on more patients. This equates to more time for yourself and your family, as well as an improved income. You’ll still receive the benefits of ownership while having the comfort of being part of a reliable team.

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